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The Dojo is a digital marketing dashboard that provides businesses with a fully customizable platform to manage their CRM, marketing automation, and other marketing activities. With Dojo, businesses can streamline their marketing efforts, increase efficiency, and maximize their potential.

Features of The Dojo Dashboard

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

A tool to manage and monitor customer reviews across multiple platforms and respond to them in real-time.

Missed Call Text Back

Missed Call Text Back

A powerful SMS marketing tool to engage with customers and automate communication with personalized text messages.



Chatbots can be used in a variety of settings, from customer service to marketing and sales.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads is an advertising platform that allows businesses to create and display ads to a targeted audience on Facebook and its associated apps and websites..


Customer Relations

A comprehensive CRM system that allows you to manage customer interactions, track leads, and monitor sales pipelines.

Text Automations

Texting Automations

Never miss a lead with text automations.

Appointment Scheduler

Appointment Scheduler

Appointment Scheduler right within the Dojo Platform and sync to your calendar.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective and efficient way for businesses to reach a large audience, build brand awareness, and promote products or services at a relatively low cost.

Brand Management

Brand Management

Effective brand management can help businesses establish a positive reputation, build customer loyalty, and differentiate themselves from competitors in a crowded marketplace.


Our Services

At Savvy Ninja Marketing, we tailor our services and strategies to meet your needs and goals.

Strategic Marketing Consulting

Savvy Ninja Marketing offers strategic marketing consultations, analyzing market trends and consumer behavior to provide customized solutions for clients' branding, digital marketing, social media, and advertising needs, with a focus on delivering measurable results for business success.

Web Design

Savvy Ninja Marketing offers website design services that are customized to meet clients' specific needs, providing expert guidance on user experience, layout, content, and functionality to create visually appealing, user-friendly websites that drive traffic and engagement.

Branding Development

Savvy Ninja Marketing offers brand development services, including logo design, to create a unique brand identity that accurately reflects clients' values and vision, with visually striking and memorable logos that leave a lasting impression on their target audience.

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